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George Cecil Lowson: Radar Technician

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:09 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

George Cecil Lowson was born on 30th July 1924 in Tow Law, County Durham. He joined the RAF from the age of 18 and served from February 1943 to March 1947.

On joining, because of his high academic abilities, he was selected for training as a technician on top secret radar equipment. The security of this technology was so high that even the airbase commander was not allowed in the area of the base where George and his colleagues conducted their work. Part of his service was spent in Naples, Italy, after the war.

George had the rank of Corporal and received the War medal.
George's certificate of service reads:
"That this NCO has proved himself a great asset to his station, being a very good administrator and excellent radar mechanic with a sound knowledge of radar principles."

Following George's war service, he became a British Rail clerk and settled in South Shields, marrying his sweetheart, Maureen Davidson, originally from Aberdeen. On the 3rd of September 1951, George was able to put the valuable experience he gained in the war by enrolling on a course for radio service work at South Shields Marine Technical College, achieving a first-class result. In 1956, he went on to secure a position at Morganite Resistors, later Alan Bradley, as a process control chemist working on the production of high quality variable resistors.

Amongst the items was a souvenir tribute to the men and women of Tow Law, Satley Village and Thornley Village, who served and died in those villages. The book was made with contributions from a few different groups, one of them being a smoker’s club!

Attached are audio and transcription.


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1 RAF Service Book x2 2 Identity Card x2 3 Souvenir Tribute from Tow Law x3

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George Cecil Lowson

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Christine Stephenson

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He was her father.

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Shared at Ocean Road Community Centre, Tyne and Wear on 18 November 2023. The event was organised by South Shields Local History Group.

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