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Generational Echoes: Marion Rosa Coutts' Wartime Memories

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:54 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

My name is Jacqueline Coutts. I have brought along extracts of a piece my mother wrote about recollections of her wartime childhood. She was two and a half years old when it started.

My mother was called Mrs. Marion Rosa Coutts when she wrote the recollections. But her name before she married was Marion Feest.

We were affected by the war even though we weren't alive then, because a lot of their experiences coloured ours. I find it extremely hard to waste food because we had such stories of privations, particularly about people overseas.

In Mum's account, they couldn't buy household items they had to make do and mend and they passed that down to us. It is lovely to do this in Mums' memory.

She would be pleased that we are doing this. She wrote this as an account and she gave it to me. It is an account for us to look on and to think.

Children today have to think about the pandemic. For them, it was every day life.


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1. Memories of the war by Marion Rosa Coutts

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Marion Rosa Coutts

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Jacqueline Lesley Coutts

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Daughters: Jacqueline Coutts, Jennifer Charrin (two of four daughters)

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Shared at Lancing Prep Worthing, West Sussex on 16 September 2023.

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