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Frank Wright & Alicia Sunterland: Photos and Documents

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In India, in RAF - repairing airplanes. When waiting for planes to return. Photos of airplanes and life. Info leaflets explaining where to eat, visit etc. Orientation.

Went to Burma after Mumbai. Left for Japan but missed the flight, otherwise would have been there when the bomb went off. Didn't talk much about the war but wasn't silent/ secretive about it. My own dad didn't lose a leg after the Armistice. For my father-in-law, it was an adventure.

Mother tried to join the Land Army. Fluffed up her hair and stood up in her shoes so could meet height requirements. Went to Scotland and loved it.

Kept in touch with other soldiers too.


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1. Photo album 2. Photos in uniform 3. Calcutta welcome letter 4. Defence medal 5. War medal: 1939-1945 6. Unit photo with mascot 7. Photos on base 8. Travel tips 9. Menu 10. Photos of SS Samioria 11. Telegram arrived Liverpool 12. Military Post FAQ 13. RAF Seal and Christmas Menu 14. RAF Christmas card 15. Notes for airman 16. Airmail home 17. Coffee Club menu 18. Christmas airmail 19. Snake skin 20. Letter home 1945

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Frank Wright & Alicia Sunterland

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Judith Wright

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Father-in-law and Mother

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