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Fragments of a copper-alloy bound wooden bucket

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posted on 2021-10-26, 15:06 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Douglas 1793, 51f.:A Vessel in the shape of a Pail [note omitted], 8 inches in diameter, and 7.5 inches in hight. The drawing accurately taken of a model of thick paper, which Mr. Boys of Sandwich made when the relic was found. May fragments of the vessel are in my possession, and which strictly correspond with the model. The handle, I think Mr. Boys says, was of iron; but I am not certain. It is not preserved among the fragments. The upper rim is very thin brass, which connects the ribs and other component parts. The perpendicular plate, which connects the handle, is of iron; a fragment of which is now adhering to the rim, and to a wooden rib, which is fastened with a rivet of the same metal. The second rim is composed of angular plates of very thin brass, connected to the wooden ribs, and decorated with small punched holes. The third rim is a thin plate of brass, or some mixed metal. the fourth shews the wooden ribs of the vessel. And the fifth a band of thin brass like the former. I have no description of the bottom; nor does it appear that anyone was found; perhaps the same was perished, being of wood. The perpendicular plate from the rim to the bottom is of brass, and serves as a band of union to the whole: on the opposite side was another of the same metal. The remains of this vessel, which now consists of some of the plates of the rims, and the wooden ribs connected with other pieces of brass, and several mendings discovered upon it, are proofs that it was preserved with much care. The wood seems to be of ash, or of the plane tree; the grain is very fine; and where the wood is much saturated with verdigrease and iron rust, it is well preserved, and the pores an textures very discernible.Found in 1771; 'Tumulus XV'. Both M 6641 and [Douglas Coll. 1836 p. 129, 217-9] are parts of the same vessel. According to the Mayer Card for M 6641, these are fragments of the bucket published by Boys (1792, 868 opp., e) and Douglas (1793 Pl. 12.11). The remains in the Mayer Collection are lost, those in the Douglas Collection are extant in the Ashmolean Museum.


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Guilton Grave XV

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Douglas Coll. 1836 p. 129, 217-9


copper-alloy, wood (Sonia Hawkes Material Notes; N/A) (Antiquarian Material; brass, bronze)

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bucket, vessel (Sonia Hawkes Keyword; N/A) (Antiquarian Keyword; N/A)




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