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Father's letter to newly enlisted son in RAF

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:11 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

My Grandad, Maurice Lee, wrote this letter to his son, Geoff, my Dad, when he enlisted in the RAF. Nora is Geoff's younger sister [by 13 years] referred to in the letter as "Dickie". Dad then went on to Cairo, where he was stationed during the war in the RAF. He was not a pilot, as his eyesight was not good enough, but he served with honour behind the scenes.


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Transcriptions of several letters between Maurice, Geoff and Nora 'Dickie' Lee

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Maurice Lee [my grandfather] writing to his son Geoffrey Lee [my Dad] as he enlisted in the war for the RAF.

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David Lee

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My Grandad and my Dad.

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Shared online via the Their Finest Hour project website.

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