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E07880: The Greek Acts of Andrew and Matthias narrate how *Matthias (the Apostle, S01784) is held prisoner in the land of the anthropophagoi (cannibals), and is rescued by *Andrew (the Apostle, S00288). Skeleton entry

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The Acts of Andrew and Matthias (BHG 109-110)

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Andrew, the Apostle : S00288 Matthias, the Apostle : S01784

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Literary - Hagiographical - Other saint-related texts


  • Greek


The Acts of Andrew and Matthias are generally dated to the 4th century. The text was translated into numerous languages (see Elliott 1993, 240-242); a Latin version was used by Gregory of Tours for his Miracles of Andrew (E07877).


In some versions of the story narrated in the Acts of Andrew and Matthias, the Apostle rescued by Andrew is not Matthias (S01784), who was made an Apostle in the place of Judas, but the more celebrated figure of Matthew the Evangelist (S00791). This is the case in the treatment of the story by Gregory of Tours in his Miracles of Andrew (E07877).


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