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E07467: Very fragmentary painted Latin inscription, possibly referring to *Peter (the Apostle, S00036), and *Emerentiana (virgin and martyr of Rome, S00495). Found in the Coemeterium Maius / Catacombe di Sant'Emerenziana on the via Nomentana, Rome. Probably late 4th - early 5th c. [provisional entry]

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[- - -] SANCPET[- - - ]CEMER[- - -]IANh
[- - - ]AMAS [ - - -]
[- - -]A[- - -]
[- - -]AS[- - -]

1. possibly [- - -] sanc(tus) Pet[rus san]c(ta) Emer[ent]ianη Armellini || 2. [- - - D]amas a[ntistes - - -] Armellini, AGN[es] Wilpert || 1-2. SANCI | V...A...S [- - -] CEM...NTIANE

According to Armellini, the inscription can be understood as follows: '[- - -] Saint Peter, Saint Emerentiana [- - -] Damasus [- - -].'
According to Wilpert, line 2 contained a reference to a certain Agnes.

Text: ICVR, n.s., VIII, no. 21593 = EDB35777.


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Saint Name

Peter, the Apostle : S00036 Emerentiana, virgin and martyr of Rome : S00495 Agnes, virgin and martyr of Rome : S00097

Saint Name in Source

Petrus Emerentianη Agnes

Type of Evidence

Inscriptions - Formal inscriptions (stone, mosaic, etc.)


  • Latin

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Rome and region

Place of Evidence - City, village, etc

Suburban catacombs and cemeteries

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Suburban catacombs and cemeteries Rome Rome Roma Ῥώμη Rhōmē

Cult activities - Places

Burial site of a saint - cemetery/catacomb

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Ecclesiastics - bishops Ecclesiastics - lesser clergy


Letter height 4 cm. Painted red on white plaster, in the apse of cubiculum G.


Armellini argued that the inscription was authorized by Pope Damasus, and contained references to the deceased people from this cubiculum. Ferrua was sceptical, mainly because he was unable to read the text claimed by Armellini. He was also uneasy about seeing the name of Emerentiana in the crypt, while her body rested in a basilica above, at ground level. In line 2, Wilpert saw the name of Agnes, instead of that of Damasus. Jubaru presents yet another transcription: SANCI | V...A...S [- - -] CEM...NTIANE.


Edition: Epigraphic Database Bari, no. EDB35777. see De Rossi, G.B., Ferrua, A. (eds.) Inscriptiones Christianae Urbis Romae Septimo Saeculo Antiquiores, n.s., vol. 8: Coemeteria viarum Nomentanae et Salariae (Vatican: Pont. Institutum Archaeologiae Christianae, 1983), no. 21593 (with further bibliography).

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