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E06885: Pope Symmachus I, in a letter of 508, replies positively to a request for relics of *Nazarius (martyr of Milan, S00281) and *Romanos (possibly the martyr of Antioch, S00120) from African bishops exiled by the Vandal king to Sardinia. Written in Latin in Rome.

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Symmachus I, Letter 11

In this letter, Symmachus consoles African bishops on their plight. He ends the letter by responding to an earlier request for relics:

Quod tamen directis ad filium nostrum H. diaconum litteris sperastis, beatorum Nazarii et Romani benedictionem poscentes, fidelibus non negamus. Accipite veneranda patrocinia invictorum militum.

Yet because you hope, with the letter sent to our son the deacon H., asking for the relics of blessed Nazarius and Romanus, we do not deny you with faith. Accept the honoured protection of unconquered soldiers.

Text: Thiel 1867. Translation and Summary: Frances Trzeciak


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Nazarius and Celsus, companion martyrs of Milan : S00281 Romanos from Caesarea, martyr of Antioch : S00120

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Nazarius Romanus

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Literary - Letters


  • Latin

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Rome and region

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Rome Rome Rome Roma Ῥώμη Rhōmē

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Ecclesiastics - bishops

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Unspecified relic Transfer, translation and deposition of relics Transfer/presence of relics from distant countries


A letter from the letter collection of Pope Symmachus I (498-514).


Nazarius is certainly the martyr of Milan. Romanus is harder to identify; the best known saint of this name was Romanos of Antioch, though why the African bishops would have asked Symmachus for relics of him (or, for that matter, of the Milanese Nazarius) is not clear.


Edition: Thiel, A., ed., Epistolae Romanorum Pontificum Genuinae et quae ad eos scriptae sunt a s. Hilario usque ad Pelagium II, (1867)

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