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E06880: Pope Pelagius I, in a letter of 556/561, authorises the consecration of a monastic oratory dedicated *Chrysanthus and Daria (chaste couple and martyrs of Rome, S00306) just outside Salerno (southern Italy). Written in Latin in Rome.

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Pelagius I, Letter to Bishop Asterius


Vindimius abbas petitorii nobis insinuatione suggessit, quod habetur in subditis, juxta muros civitatis Salternitanae intra monasterium suum oratorium se pro sua devotione fundasse, quod in honore beatorum martyrum Chrysanthus et Dariae desiderat consecrari. Et ideo, si nullum corpus ibidem constat humatum, praedictum monasterium absque missis consecrabis.

‘The abbot Vindimius has asked us in a petition, which is included below, that he desires that an oratory he has founded for his own devotion in his monastery, next to the walls of the city of Salerno, be consecrated in honour of the blessed martyrs Chrysanthus and Daria. And so, if it is clear that no body is buried there, you will consecrate without masses the aforesaid monastery.

Text: Patrologia Latina 69. Translation: Frances Trzeciak.


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Chrysanthus and Daria, chaste couple and martyrs of Rome, and companion martyrs : S00306

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Chrysanthus, Daria

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Rome and region

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Rome Rome Rome Roma Ῥώμη Rhōmē

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Letter from the letter collection of Pope Pelagius I (556-561).


This is one of a number of surviving papal letters - two from Pelagius I (556-561) and four from Gregory the Great (590-604) - permitting, while also carefully regulating, the consecration and dedication to saints of private oratories, either on aristocratic estates or in monasteries, by the use of a set form of wording: E06878 and E06880 (both from Pelagius); E06377, E06390, E06399, E06403 (all from Gregory).


Edition: Patrologia Latina 69.

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