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E06837: An alternative version of the Greek Martyrdom of *Polyeuktos (soldier and martyr of Melitene, S00325), almost certainly a 10th c. or slightly earlier text which reproduces almost unchanged a lost earlier Martyrdom of *Philippos (bishop of Heraclea-Perinthus and martyr of Hadrianopolis, Thrace, S00394). Skeleton entry

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posted on 2018-10-11, 00:00 authored by Nikolaos
Martyrdom of Polyeuktos (Philippos) (BHG 1567f)

We have not examined this text (see $E06896 for a summary of the Latin version).


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Philippos, bishop of Heraclea-Perinthus and martyr of Hadrianopolis (Thrace), and companions : S00394 Polyeuktos, soldier and martyr of Melitene : S00325

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Literary - Hagiographical - Accounts of martyrdom


  • Greek


The text known as BHG 1567f, which is ostensibly a Martyrdom of Polyeuktos (E02836), is in reality according to Lackner a Martyrdom of Philippos, bishop of Heraclea and martyr of Hadrianopolis (a test otherwise unattested in Greek, though there is an extant Latin version: see Bibliography), with the martyr's name replaced by that of Polyeuktos. This text is transmitted in a single manuscript, the ms. Patmiacus 273 (10th century), which contains a number of other such plagiarised texts (cf. E06221, E06826), most probably the handiwork of a single medieval scribe (Lackner 1970, 7-8). As far as we are aware, there is currently no edition of BHG 1567f available. See E06896 for a discussion of the text based on its Latin translation.


Basic reading: Lackner, W., "Eine verkappte Hesychios-Passio," Analecta Bollandiana 88 (1970), 7-8. Edition of Latin version: Franchi de' Cavalieri, P., "La «Passio» di Filippo, vescovo di Eraclea," Note agiografiche No. 9 (Studi e testi 175; Rome, 1953), 137ff.

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