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E06697: Another Greek Martyrdom of *Papias, Diodoros, Klaudianos/Klaudios and companions (martyrs of Attaleia, S00929). Skeleton entry

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posted on 2018-10-04, 00:00 authored by Nikolaos
Martyrdom of Klaudios/Klaudianos, Diodoros, Viktorinos, Viktor, Nikephoros, Sarapion and Papias (BHG 2071)

We have not examined this text (cf. also E06696).


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Papias, Diodoros, Klaudianos/Klaudios and companions, martyrs of Attaleia : S00929 Victorinus, Victor and companions, martyrs of Corinth (Greece) : S01927 Victorinus, martyr of Nicomedia : S00975

Type of Evidence

Literary - Hagiographical - Accounts of martyrdom




For the manuscript tradition, see: To the best of our knowledge there is no edition available.


The Martyrologium Hieronymianum under 6 March lists a number of saints with the same names (Victorinus, Victor and Claudianus) as some of the characters in this Martyrdom, associating them in particular with Nicomedia, not Attaleia. It seems that there was some confusion in the record of these saints, or of similarly named saints, which the present state of our knowledge does not allow us to unravel.

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