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E06693: The Greek Martyrdom of *Charitine (virgin and martyr of Corycus (Cilicia), S00664). Skeleton entry

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Martyrdom of Charitine (BHG 299z)

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Charitine, virgin and martyr of Corycus (Cilicia) : S00664

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Literary - Hagiographical - Accounts of martyrdom




For the manuscript tradition, see: For the edition, see Bibliography.


Note that the Bollandists had earlier located the martyrdom of saint Charitine to the city of Amisus in Pontus on the basis of a conjecture based on the name of the persecuting official Dometianos (for whom see the Discussion in E06121), due to the fact that the relevant geographical indication was lacking in her later tradition; the true affiliation of her cult, not with Amisus but with Corycus in Cilicia, was only revealed through the publication of both the present text, which explicitly names the Cilician city, and a set of late antique inscriptions from Corycus mentioning the saint (E01062): Delehaye 1954, 7-8.


Text: Delehaye, H., "Les actes inédits de Sainte Charitine martyre à Corycos en Cilicie," Analecta Bollandiana 72 (1954), 8-14.

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