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E05339: Gaudentius of Brescia composes a Latin sermon (Sermon 20) in Milan, northern Italy, at some time between 384 and 397, in honour of the feast day of the Apostles *Peter and *Paul (S00036 and S00009).

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Gaudentius of Brescia, Sermon 20


Gaudentius opens the sermon stating he is detained in his current location (Milan) speaking at the invitation of ‘our common father’ (communis pater, i.e. Ambrose of Milan) on the feast day (natalis) of Peter and Paul. This birthday is their birthday in heaven. On this day, Nero had them killed in the name of Christ, and God crowned them. Peter was crucified upside down, and Paul beheaded. Both are renowned across the world. The Church is founded on Peter, the rock, and Paul is the vessel of election. Peter shines forth in wonders (mirabiles) and Paul in his teaching and persecutions. Both are equal in suffering. Gaudentius then encourages the congregation to share in the memories of the saints so they might be aided by the prayers of the saints.

Summary: Frances Trzeciak.


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Peter the Apostle : S00036 Paul, the Apostle : S00008

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Petrus Paulus

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Literary - Sermons/Homilies


  • Latin

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Activity not after


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Italy north of Rome with Corsica and Sardinia

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Milan Sardinia Sardinia Sardegna Sardinia

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Gaudentius of Brescia

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  • Sermon/homily

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  • Saint’s feast

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Composing and translating saint-related texts

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Unspecified miracle

Cult Activities - Protagonists in Cult and Narratives

Ecclesiastics - bishops


A sermon of Gaudentius of Brescia. Gaudentius was ordained bishop of Brescia by Ambrose of Milan at some time between 384 (the earliest possible date of the death of his predecessor, Philastrius) and 397 (the year of Ambrose’s death). He was bishop of Brescia for at least fourteen years. During this time, he authored several tracts, many of which were intended to be preached to his congregation in Brescia. It is widely accepted that this sermon was preached in Milan at the invitation of Ambrose (the 'common father' of Gaudentius and the congregation in Milan). We can therefore be sure it was preached before 397.


Text: Glück, A., Tractatus XXI. Gaudentius Brixiensis (Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum 68; Vienna, 1936). Translation: Boehrer, S., Gaudentius of Brescia: Sermons and Letters (Studies in Sacred Theology Second Series: Doctoral Dissertation, 165; Washington D.C., 1965) Further Reading: Lizzi, R., "Ambrose’s Contemporaries and the Christianization of Northern Italy," Journal of Roman Studies 80 (1990) 156-173. Truzzi, C., Zeno, Gaudenzio e Cromazio. Testi e contenuti della predicaione Cristiana per le chiese di Verona, Brescia e Aquileia (360 – 410 ca.) (Brescia: Paideia, 1985).

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