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E03572: The author of the Copenhagen Continuation of Prosper, an anonymous continuation of the Latin chronicle of Prosper of Aquitaine, records that the Roman commander Asbadus was buried in the church of *Nazarius (martyr of Milan, S00281) at Ticinum (Pavia, northern Italy). Composed in northern Italy, c. 625.

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'Final parts of the Copenhagen continuation' (Auctarii Hauniensis extrema) 2

... Asbadus, postquam Italiam a feritate Gothicae gentis compescuit, moritur Ticinio sepultusque in basilica beati Nazarii his super sepulchrum versibus descriptis: ...

'... Asbadus, after freeing Italy from the ferocity of the Gothic people, dies at Pavia, and is buried in the basilica of the blessed Nazarius with these verses written over his tomb: ...'

There follows a transcription of Asbadus' epitaph.

Text: Mommsen 1892, 337. Translation: David Lambert.


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Nazarius, martyr of Milan (Italy), companion of *Celsus : S00281

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Literary - Other narrative texts (including Histories)


  • Latin

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Italy north of Rome with Corsica and Sardinia

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Sardinia Sardinia Sardegna Sardinia

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The Copenhagen Continuation of Prosper is a continuation of the chronicle of Prosper of Aquitaine compiled in about 625 by an anonymous author living under Lombard rule in northern Italy. It was given its name by Theodor Mommsen (in its Latin form, Continuatio Prosperi Hauniensis) because the only manuscript to preserve it is in the Royal Library at Copenhagen. The final section of the continuation, covering the period from the 550s to the 620s, in which the author becomes less dependent on earlier sources and includes more material based on his independent knowledge, was printed by Mommsen as a separate item in his Chronica Minora, under the title Auctarii Hauniensis extrema ('final parts of the Copenhagen continuation').


Asbadus (PLRE IIIA, 'Asbadus 2') was one of the Roman commanders in Italy under Narses in the later stages of the war with the Ostrogoths. His death and burial at Pavia probably took place in the mid 550s. The chronicler's reference to his burial in the church of Nazarius, accompanied by a transcription of his epitaph, suggests that he was directly familiar with the church and with Asbadus' tomb.


Edition: Mommsen, T., Auctarii Hauniensis extrema, in: Chronica Minora saec. IV. V. VI. VII. (I) (Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Auctores Antiquissimi 9; Berlin: Apud Weidmannos, 1892), 337-339. English translation: Muhlberger, S., "The Copenhagen Continuation of Prosper: A Translation," Florilegium 6 (1984), 71-95. Further reading: Muhlberger, S., "Heroic Kings and Unruly Generals: The 'Copenhagen' Continuation of Prosper Reconsidered," Florilegium, 6 (1984), 50-70.

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