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E02123: Greek list from the city of Oxyrhynchos (Middle Egypt), listing churches, most of them dedicated to saints, including *Viktor (presumably the Egyptian martyr, son of Romanos, S00749), *Neilos (presumably the ascetic of Sinai, S00405), *Zechariah (presumably the father of John the Baptist, S00597), *John (the Apostle and Evangelist, S00042), *Gabriel (the Archangel, S00192), *Kollouthos (physician and martyr of Antinoopolis, S00641), *John the Baptist (S00020), *Theodore (presumably the soldier and martyr of Amaseia and Euchaita, S00480), *Ioustos (presumably the soldier and martyr of Antinoopolis, S01172), and *Phoibammon (presumably the soldier and martyr of Assiut, S00080); datable to the 6th century.

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P.Oxy. 67 4618:

[ -ca.?- τοῦ] ἁ̣γίου Βίκτορος
[ -ca.?- τοῦ] ἁγίου Νείλου
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ Ε̣ὐα̣γ̣γελιστοῦ
[ -ca.?- ἐ]κ̣κλ(ησία) Ποιμενικῆς
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ ἁγίου Ζαχαρίου
[ -ca.?- ἐ]κ̣κλ(ησία) Ποιμενικῆς
[ -ca.?- ἐ]κ̣κλ(ησία) Φοιβάμμωνος
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ ἁγίου Ἰωάννου
[ -ca.?- τ]οῦ ἁγίου Γαβριήλ
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ ἁγίου Κολλούθου
[ -ca.?- ἐ]κ̣κ̣λησ(ία) Μαρτυρίου
[ -ca.?- ἐ]κ̣κ̣λησ(ία) Παρα Ποταμ(όν)
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ ἁγίου Γαβριή̣λ
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ ἁγί(ου) Ἰωάννου̣ Βαπτ(ιστοῦ)
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ ἁ̣γίου Θεοδώρ̣ο̣υ̣
[ -ca.?- τ]ο̣ῦ ἁγίου Κολλούθου
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ ἁγίου Βίκτορ̣ο̣ς̣
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ ἁγίου Φοιβάμμωνο̣ς̣
[ -ca.?- ἐκ]κ̣λ̣(ησία) Πο̣ι̣μ̣εν̣ικῆς̣
[ -ca.?- ἐκ]κ̣λ(ησία) Φοι̣βάμ̣μων̣ο̣ς
[ -ca.?- ἐκ]κλ(ησία) Φο[ι]β̣άμμω̣ν̣ος
[ -ca.?- ἐκ]κλ(ησία) Φοιβάμμ̣ω̣νος
[ -ca.?- ἐκκ]λ(ησία) Ποιμενικ(ῆς)
[ -ca.?- το]ῦ̣ ἁγίου Ἰούστου
[ -ca.?- τοῦ ἁγ]ίου Φοιβάμω̣νος

'…] of St Viktor.
…] of St Neilos.
…] of the Evangelist.
…] church of Poimenike.
…] of St Zacharias.
…] church of Poimenike.
…] church of Phoibammon.
…] of St John.
…] of St Gabriel.
…] of St Kollouthos.
…] church of Martyrios.
…] church by the River.
…] of St Gabriel.
…] of St John the Baptist.
…] of St Theodoros. ’
…] of St Kollouthos.
…] of St Viktor.
…] of St Phoibammon.
…] church of Poimenike.
…] church of Phoibammon.
…] church of Phoibammon.
…] church of Phoibammon.
…] church of Poimenike.
…] of St Justos.
…] of St Phoibammon.’

Text and translation: N. Gonis.

A full record of this document, complete with image is available at:;67;4618


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Saint Name

Viktor, son of Romanos, Egyptian martyr, ob. 303–311 : S00749 Neilos, ascetic in Sinai, ob. c. 430 : S00405 Zechariah, father of John the Baptist : S00597 John the Evangelist : S00042 Gabriel, the Archangel : S00192 Kollouthos, physician from An

Saint Name in Source

Βίκτωρ Νεῖλος Ζαχαρίας Ἰωάννης Γαβριήλ Κολλοῦθος Ἰωάννης Βαπτ(ιστῆς) Φοιβάμμων Ἰοῦστος

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Documentary texts - List Late antique original manuscripts - Papyrus sheet


  • Greek

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Egypt and Cyrenaica

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Place of evidence - City name in other Language(s)

Oxyrhynchos Hermopolis ϣⲙⲟⲩⲛ Ashmunein Hermopolis

Cult activities - Places

Cult building - independent (church)

Cult activities - Non Liturgical Practices and Customs

Awarding privileges to cult centres


The papyrus P.Oxy. 67 4618 is located at Oxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms, 22 3B.16/F(I). The document is dated on palaeographical grounds.


The purpose of this list is not clear, as the top of the document, and all line beginnings, are lost. The churches all seem to be located in Oxyrhynchos itself. The fact that some churches are listed here more than once and more frequently than others, raises the possibility that this comes from a liturgical calendar listing the date and place where services should take place. A church named after its founder, 'of Phoibammon', and one named after the area of Oxyrhynchos where it was located, 'of Poimenike', are the most frequently mentioned, while the church of saints Kollouthos, Gabriel, Phoibammon, and Viktor each occur twice. For a similar list of churches see E00741.


Edition: Gonis, N., "P.Oxy. 67 4618. List of Churches," in: R.A. Coles (ed.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol. LXVII (London, 2001), 245–248.

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