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E01938: Glass jug with an engraved invocation 'apa Saint Sabas', probably *Sabbas the Sanctified (founder of the Mar Saba Monastery in Palestine, S00910). Reportedly found in Ḥimṣ/Emesa (northwest Phoenicia) and possibly brought there as a pilgrim's souvenir from the Mar Saba Monastery. Probably the 6th-7th c.

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ἀπ(ὰ) (?) ἅγ(ιε) Σά-
βας χαρ-
ιέσ<τ(ατε)> (?) βω(ήθι).
Δεσ(ίου) ειʹ

'O apa Saint Sabas, the most graceful, help! On the 15th (day of the month) of Daisios.'

Text: IGLS 5, no. 2468.


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Saint Name

Sabbas the Sanctified, founder of the Mar Saba Monastery in Palestine, ob. 532 : S00910 Sabbas (unspecified) : S00909

Saint Name in Source

Σάβας Σάβας

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Drawing. From: IGLS 5, 197.

Type of Evidence

Inscriptions - Inscribed objects Images and objects - Lamps, ampullae and tokens Images and objects - Other portable objects (metalwork, ivory, etc.)


  • Greek

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Place of Evidence - Region

Syria with Phoenicia Palestine with Sinai

Place of Evidence - City, village, etc

Ḥimṣ/Emesa Mar Saba Monastery

Place of evidence - City name in other Language(s)

Ḥimṣ/Emesa Thabbora Thabbora Mar Saba Monastery Caesarea Maritima Καισάρεια Kaisareia Caesarea Kayseri Turris Stratonis

Cult activities - Non Liturgical Practices and Customs


Cult Activities - Relics

Ampullae, eulogiai, tokens

Cult Activities - Cult Related Objects

Ampullae, flasks, etc.


Edition: Jalabert, L., Mouterde, R., Mondésert, C., Les inscriptions grecques et latines de la Syrie, vol. 5: Émésène (BAH 66, Paris: P. Guethner, 1959), no. 2468. Further reading: Avshalom-Gorni, D., Tatcher, A., Tzaferis, V., "The veneration of St. Sabas in southern Phoenicia: the evidence of a bronze oil lamp from Khirbet esh-Shubeika", in: J. Patrich (ed.), The Sabaite Heritage in the Orthodox Church from the Fifth Century to the Present (Leuven: Peters, 2001), 347-352.

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