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E01788: Greek inscription, just possibly referring to *Daniel (Old Testament prophet, S00727). Found at Mu'Allaḳ near Chalkis (north Syria). Probably late antique.

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+ Δανιήλ

'+ Daniel'

Text: IGLS 2, no. 273.


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Daniel, the Old Testament prophet : S00727

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Inscriptions - Formal inscriptions (stone, mosaic, etc.)



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Syria with Phoenicia Syria with Phoenicia

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Chalkis Mu'Allaḳ

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Chalkis Thabbora Thabbora Mu'Allaḳ Thabbora Thabbora

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Cult building - secondary installation (fountain, pilgrims’ hostel)

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Fragment of a moulded stone. Found near an aqueduct and a dry stream in the western part of the ruins at Mu'Allaḳ by the Princeton Archaeological Expedition. Text field: H. 0.07 m; W. 0.28 m. Letter height 0.045 m. There is no published image. First published by William Prentice in 1908, from his own copy. Republished by René Mouterde and Louis Jalabert in 1939.


The inscription may record the name of Daniel, the Old Testament prophet, or of a homonymous supplicant. Commenting on the ruins of the nearby aqueduct Prentice notes that a basalt block was found close to the find-spot of our inscription, with a fixture resembling a drinking fountain. Perhaps this water source was dedicated to the prophet, as water supply systems were sometimes named after martyrs and Old Testament figures (see: E01040; EXXXX).


Edition: Mouterde, R., Jalabert, L., Inscriptions grecques et latines de la Syrie, vol. 2: Chalcidique et Antiochène: nos 257-698 (Paris: P. Geuthner, 1939), no. 273. Prentice, W.K. (ed.), Greek and Latin inscriptions (Publications of an American archaeological expedition to Syria in 1899-1900 3, New York: Century 1908), 266, no. 335.

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