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E01077: An ornamented stone band from the apse of a church at Anazarbos (Cilicia, south-east Asia Minor) with a Greek inscription referring to unnamed *Apostles. Probably 5th-6th c.

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On an ornamented stone band:

[τ]ῶν ἀποστό+λων τοῦ Χ(ριστο)ῦ
Α + Ω

1. [τ]ῶν ἀποστό+λων Gough copy, [ἁγί]ων ἀποστωλõν Bell

'Of the Apost+les of Christ. Α + Ω.'

Text: I. Anazarbos, no. 59.


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Apostles (unspecified) : S00084

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Inscriptions - Formal inscriptions (stone, mosaic, etc.) Inscriptions - Inscribed architectural elements


  • Greek

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Asia Minor

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Anazarba Nicomedia Νικομήδεια Nikomēdeia Izmit Πραίνετος Prainetos Nicomedia

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Cult building - independent (church)


An ornamented stone band in the middle of the outer wall of the apse in Basilica no. 1 at Anazarbos. H. 0.9 m; W. 1.08 m; Th. 0.65 m; letter height 0.042-0.046 m. Found in situ in 1905 by Gertrude Bell (for her description of the church, see Bell 1906, 13, 15-19). Revisited by Michael Gough in 1949-1951. The stone also bears a carving of a cross within a laurel wreath.


The inscription refers to the 'Apostles of Christ' (without further specification), mentioned in the genitive case. Gough and Sayar (editors of Die Inschriften von Anazarbos) identified this text as the dedicatory inscription of the church. This is possible, but the formulation is not readily paralleled. Dating: 5th-6th c. (based on the dating of the basilica).


Edition: Die Inschriften von Anazarbos und Umgebung, no. 59. Gough, M., "Anazarbus", Anatolian Studies 2 (1952), no. 13 (after his own copy and the examination of the stone). Bell, G.L., "Notes on a journey through Cilicia and Lycaonia. I", Revue Archéologique 7 (1906), 19 (in majuscules; after inspection of the stone). Further reading: Halkin, F., "Inscriptions grecques relatives à l'hagiographie, IX, Asie Mineure", Analecta Bollandiana 71 (1953), 346. Mietke, G., "Monumentalisierung christilcher Heiliger in Kilikien in frühbyzantinischer Zeit", Olba 17 (2009), 120. Reference works: Bulletin épigraphique (1954), 238.

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