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E00741: Greek list from the city of Oxyrhynchos (Middle Egypt), presenting festal payments expected from various churches and shrines, most of them dedicated to saints, including *Stephen (the First Martyr, S00030), *Ioustos/Justus (soldier and martyr of Antinoopolis, S01172), *John the Baptist (S00020), *Menas (soldier and martyr of Abu Mena, S00073), *Thekla (follower of Apostle Paul, S00092), *Euphemia (martyr of Chalcedon, S00017), *Neilos (ascetic of Sinai, S00405), *Viktor (son of Romanos, Egyptian martyr, S00749), possibly *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033), *Gabriel (the Archangel, S00192), *Philoxenos (saint with cult at Oxyrhynchos, S00443), and *Ioulianos/Julianus (probably the martyr of Cilicia, S00305), datable to the 5th c.

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P.Oxy. 67 4617:

In this list of festal payments, the name of the institution is followed by amounts of money.

† γνῶσ(ις) ἑορτικ(ῶν) οὕ(τως)
χρεω̣[ -ca.?- ]
/ ἐκκλ(ησία) νοτίν(η) (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
ἐκκλ(ησία) Μαρτυρίου (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
5 ἐκκλ(ησία) Παρὰ Ποταμ(ὸν) (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Στεφάνου (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Ἰούστου (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Ἰωάννου Βαπ̣τ̣(ιστοῦ) (δηναρίων) [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Μηνᾶ (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
10 τῆς ἁγί(ας) Θέκλας [ -ca.?- ]
τῆς ἁγί(ας) Εὐφήμιας (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Νίλου [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) (δηναρίων) [ -ca.?- ]
μον(αστήριον) Λ[α]μάσωνος (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
15 τῆς ἁγί(ας) Μ[ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Γαβ̣[ριὴλ -ca.?- ]

17 [  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣]  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣[ -ca.?- ]
τ[οῦ ἁγ]ί(ου) Φιλ̣ο̣ξ̣έ̣ν̣ο̣υ̣ (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
τοῦ ἁγί(ου) Ἰο̣υ̣λι̣α̣νοῦ (δηναρίων) (μυριάδες) [ -ca.?- ]
20 [  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣]  ̣[ -ca.?- ]
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"List of festal payments as follows:
still outstanding (?):
South Church (den. myr.) […
Church of Martyrios (den. myr.) […
(5) Church by the River (den. myr.) […
St Stephanos (den. myr.) […
St Ioustos (den. myr.) […
St John the Baptist (den.) […
St Menas (den. myr.) […
(10) St Thekla […
St Euphemia (den. myr.) […
St Neilos […
St Viktor (den.) […
Monastery of Lamason (den. myr.) […
(15) St Mary (?) […
St Gabriel […
. . . . .
St Philoxenos (den. myr.) […
St Ioulianos (den. myr.) […
. . . . . "

(Text and trans.: G. Schmelz/ed. R. A. Coles)

The full text with image is available online at:;67;4617/


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Gabriel, the Archangel : S00192 Euphemia, martyr in Chalcedon, ob. 303 : S00017 John the Baptist : S00020 Menas, soldier and martyr Abu Mena : S00073 Philoxenos : S00443 Julian, martyr in Cilicia, ob. c. 303-311 : S00305 Stephen, the First Mart

Saint Name in Source

Γαβ[ριήλ] Εὐφήμια Ἰωάννης Μηνᾶς Φιλόξενος Ἰουλιανός Στέφανος Θέκλα Νῖλος Ἰούστος Β[ίκ]τωρ Μ[αρία]

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Egypt and Cyrenaica

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Oxyrhynchos Hermopolis ϣⲙⲟⲩⲛ Ashmunein Hermopolis

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Bequests, donations, gifts and offerings


The papyrus P.Oxy. 67 4617 is located at Oxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms, 84/60. The dating of the text rests on palaeographical grounds.


This list of payments offers the names of sixteen religious institutions, three of them explicitly churches, named according to their location (South Church, Church by the River) or by its founder (church of Martyrios). The other twelve institutions listed are dedicated to saints, but not explicitly called churches, while one is a monastery named after its founder. According to the editor, these seem to be payments expected to be made by these institutions, rather than to be received by them. For a similar list of churches, also from Oxyrhynchos, see E02123.


Edition: Schmelz, G., "P.Oxy. 67 4617 "List of Festal Payments"," in: R.A. Coles (ed.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, vol. LXVII (London, 2001), 241–245.

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