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Demo & Example of Deploying the Figshare Uploader & Figshare Batch Management tools to create new records and update them

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posted on 2023-05-09, 18:54 authored by Damon StrangeDamon Strange

Collection of resources used for the migration of research data onto Oxford University's Figshare for Institutions platform and then the update and curation of the records using Figshare's Batch Management Tool:

  • Example Metadata spreadsheet used to create the data items in the recording, for the Typhoid, Cockles & Terrorism Project at the University (permission sought from PI, Samantha Vanderslott)
  • JSON Metadata Mapping file updated to align with the fields being used for this project and within the metadata spreadsheet
  • Screen record of the Figshare Uploader (developed by David Banks, see reference below) being used 
  • Screen record of data items being updated using the Figshare Batch Management tool.


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