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David Nicol's POW Experience

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posted on 2024-06-05, 20:04 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

The contributor has brought in the medals of his father, David Nicol, including Burma Star and Territorial Medal. David was in the Army Reserve (Territorial Force) when the war broke out. He was a Seargent in the TA. David was in a POW camp. Whilst in the camp, he used lots of salt on food to help them not sweat. The contributor noted that when his father came home, he continued to put lots of salt on all his food. David didn't speak much about the war when he came home.

On 29 July 1939, the contributor was born. The contributor didn't meet his father until 1946. The contributor used to live on India St in Stockbridge. The contributor recalled that there was a row of arches that were used as an air raid shelter; he can remember being taken out of his bed and carried into the air raid shelter. There were benches that all the women and babies sat on. The contributor said that within half an hour of being in the shelter, everyone was singing to keep spirits up.

The contributor's uncle (mother's brother) sent this Christmas card. He drew it whilst he was in a POW camp.

Letter sent back to David's wife Mary which shows postcard images on one side and the letter to the family on the other side.


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1 - Medals mounted with ribbon 2 - Photos of battalion 3 - Christmas card sketch 4 - Letter with photos 5 - WWI hankerchief

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David Nicol

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Ronald David Nicol

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