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Daniel Laverty in the Navy and Maud Buriand in the WRENs

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posted on 2024-06-05, 20:08 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Daniel was born in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. He served on HMS Alliance as a Petty Officer. One tale Daniel told was that his friend wanted a turkey dinner for Christmas, so they smuggled one on board! It was hidden and fed rations for two weeks before they were discovered!

He left the Navy in the late 1960s and was reluctant to talk about the war. Around 2010, the Greek government got in touch to award a medal for his service there. Daniel wasn't sure quite why. It's believed that he may have been there when the Greek Civil War began. He enjoyed plenty of socialising in Greece, so his memories were hazy! While in Greece, Daniel supposedly punched an Admiral, which he blamed for his lack of promotion!

Daniel met Maud in North Africa. She was serving in the WRENs and was evacuated from Alderney in the Channel Islands, which were occupied by the Nazis. After the war, the couple lived in Alderney briefly.


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1. Grandad's war stories from HMS Alliance 2. Additional war stories 3. Grandma's WREN badge

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Daniel Laverty; Maud Buriand

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Alexander Stone

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Grandfather; grandmother

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Shared at Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, Hampshire on 27 October 2023.

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