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Crundale Grave 7

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posted on 2021-11-10, 14:58 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
The next nest we found contained a large urn, or ossuary, of coarse black earth; it was much of the same size and shape as that described at No. 6. It was full of burnt bones and ashes, intermixed with many wood-coals. A patera of coarse reddish earth [M 6790]; it was much like that described at No. 4, except that it was broader and deeper, and its sides were upright; it had no impression, and was of very coarse workmanship. These were both of them so very rotten, that, though the greatest care was taken to preserve them, they came in pieces in getting them out. With these was a bottle-like narrow-necked vessel of fineish red earth [M 6832]; this is also a little broken; it holds somewhat more than three pints. It is seven inches and a quarter high, and four inches and a half diameter; it has a very narrow orifice, and is, as I think, of that sort which the ancients called guttus. The use of this vessel was to pour the wine, etc., at the sacrifices, guttatim, upon the victim.


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