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Crundale Grave 3

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posted on 2021-11-10, 14:58 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
[...] one of the men (owing to his not undermining the ground deep enough) struck his spade against a patera of fine red earth, and broke it all to pieces. I immediately went down into the hole, and plainly saw the side of a large ossuary [M 6797], for the patera having stood up edge-ways against it, on that falling to pieces, the side of the ossuary was left bare. After some time and much care, by the help of a strong knife, I got it out quite whole. It was full of burnt bones, etc., and is made of a coarsish lead-coloured earth; it is big-bellied, and has a narrowish mouth and foot; it holds seven quarts. Here was also a large bottle-like vessel, with a narrow neck, and an ear, or handle, on the side of the neck [M 6838]; it is made of a coarse reddish clay, and holds nearly five pints; this I also got out whole, except that its lip, or mouth, is broken off; but this accident seems to have happened to it before it was deposited, for the piece could not be found, nor did the fracture appear from the broken edges to have been fresh made. Here was also a very beautiful small wrought urn of very fine red earth [M 6829]; it has a foot to it, and holds about a pint. This was pretty much broken in getting it out, it having, I believe, partook of the blow which broke the patera, to which it stood next. I had almost forgot to mention, that this patera also was impressed with the same letters as that mentioned under No. 2, namely, IVNIVS.


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