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Copper-alloy coin weight (Faustina the Younger)

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posted on 2021-10-26, 15:06 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Douglas 1793, 51:A coin of the large bronze of FAUSTINA. wife of Antonius Pius. The reverses of these coins have been ground smooth to make them of a certain weight, and which is probably denoted by the single point before the mouth of [the associated coin] and the six points on the head of [this coin]. They were found, with other plain brass weights and one of lead, piled one upon the other, gradually lessening to the top to the number of eight [*].[*] One of these coins of Faustina the younger is in the possession of Mr. Faussett, with the scales and weights, and the touch-stone. Were these relics compared with our weights, and with those evidently Roman, possibly the points on the coins might lead to some standard, and render the knowledge of the Roman weights more satisfactory than is to be found in Budaeus, Scaliger and in the Life of Peireskius by Gassendus, and other writers. I suspect they were money-weights and scales used to essay the base gold coined in the Lower Empire; and which use the touch stone actually seems to indicate.Found in 1771; 'Tumulus XV'. According to Douglas (1793, 51 Pl. 12.7), this coin was acquired by Faussett.


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