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Copper-alloy bowl with beaded rim, handles and repairs

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posted on 2021-10-26, 15:07 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Roach Smith 1844, 133:[...] 21 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep. It is of copper, of thin fabric, and ornamented with a bead moulding round the edge; the handles, now detached, had been soldered to the vessel by means of semi-oval pieces of metal filled with lead. [...][...] I perceived some slight irregularities in the internal surface, and traces of figures. Having carefully removed a thick coating of green rust, three patches of metal riveted on the bowl were rendered visible, which had evidently been affixed for repairing the vessel. They are of a somewhat different kind of metal from the bowl, and are stamped in two instances with a figure with long hair and pointed short beard, dancing, and playing on a kind of harp or viol of six strings; from the left hand of the figure depends the head of an animal. The third exhibits undefinable fishes and quadrupeds on each side of a twisted scroll terminating in loose knots. Whether these ornamented pieces of metal were originally designed for the purpose to which we here find them applied, or whether they were punched from some other work which chance might have thrown in the way of the copper-smith, it is impossible to decide; but that their application is of a date long subsequent to that of the fabrication of the basin, there can be but little doubt. Unfortunately there is nothing sufficiently marked about the Gleeman or Harper, or the mélange of the non-descript animals and the nexus pattern, to indicate precisely the period to which these works may be referred. They have, however, all the characteristics of the Saxon works of art that are familiar to us, and although at the same time we are reminded of the Norman style, I am inclined to consider from their connection with the other remains and the locality, that we shall not err in attributing them to the Saxons.Mayer card: Anglo-Saxon bronze copper dish, 21 inches diam., a handle and fragments etc. loose.


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