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Concert by 1st Wetherden Scout Group and members of the United States Army Air Force based at Great Ashfield

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:40 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Photographs and a copy of the programme for a joint concert by Wetherden Scouts and members of the United States Army Air Force based at Great Ashfield (385th Bomb Group) which took place in Wetherden Village Hall on Friday 18th February 1944.

In 1942 Kenneth Glass was approached by Mrs Sketch of Wetherden whose son Michael wanted to be a scout. Kenneth Glass had joined the 1st Stowmarket Scouts in 1933.

Kenneth started the 1st Wetherden Scounts.

In 1946 it was taken over by John Milner and he may have been in charge when it amalgamated with the Haughley group.

As recorded in conversation 23 Apr 2009


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1. Entertainment programme dated Friday, February 18th 1944 (2 Images) 2. Photograph - 1st Wetherden Boy Scout Troop seated 3. Photograph - 1st Wetherden Boy Scout Troop at piano 4. Photograph - USAAF Hill Billy Band 5. Photograph - 1st Wetherden Boy Scouts 6. Photograph - 2 USAAF Band members playing guitar and accordion 7. Photograph - PVT I Ortiz and Sgt Beers 8. Photograph - Soldier Band 9. Photograph - Wetherden audience 10. Photograph - Wetherden Scouts and soldiers

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Kenneth Glass, 1st Wetherden Scout Troop, USAAF, Cpl Gene Pierre, Manuel Oritz, Tubby Welham, P Chaffey, G Cooksly, Michael Sketch, 385th Bomb Group, Sgt Beers

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Shared at Wetherden Village Hall, Suffolk on 11 November 2023. The event was organised by Wetherden History Group.

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