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Christopher Malcolm - 622 Squadron and Operation Manna

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:39 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Christopher John Walker Malcolm was a Lancaster Bomber pilot during the war in 622 Squadron. Trained in Canada, flew over Europe during war including dropping food parcels to Holland in 1944 as part of Operation Manna. Struggled to talk about experiences after the war.


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1. Photo of Christopher Malcolm 2. Transcript of interview re Operation Manna 3. Bomber Command News re Manna 4. Photo of Madcap Crew 1945 5. 3 x Pilots Notes Booklets 6. Operation Manna Medal 7. Reunion Trip Badge 8. Stripes, wings, pin badge 9. Silk Scarf 10. RAF Handbook 11. Grieben Guide Book "The Rhine" 12. Enrolment Form 13. Book Operation Manna 14. Reunion Badge

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Christopher John Walker Malcolm

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Penelope Brookman

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Shared at Hungerford Library, Berkshire on 30 November 2023.

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