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Charles Wilson's recollections of his time as a POW in Burma

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:22 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Charles Wilson was a prisoner of war on the Burma railway. While captive, Charles' knowledge of the Japanese language continued to improve. He had notes from classes he had taken in Ban Pong and added to these as he learned more phrases. Charles began to be called upon by guards who could not make prisoners understand what they wanted. As he explains in his written account, the reaction of the guards to any failure to comprehend was typical of them: "The unfortunate prisoner concerned was likely to be beaten up due to their frustration. This also proved hazardous for me, unfortunately. I would try to understand what the guard wanted and then relay that to the prisoner. Perhaps the prisoner had been unable to do what was required of him and wanted help. I would then translate what he had said for the guard. If this explanation was not to the guard's liking, he would probably fly into a rage and attack me for what I had said, as if the words were mine and not those of the prisoner concerned."

[See written account for full narrative]


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1. Undated pre-Second World War photograph of Charles Wilson. 2. Undated photograph of Charles Wilson in uniform. 3. Photograph of Pam and Charles Wilson on their honeymoon in January 1946, after his return to the UK. They had been engaged since 1940.

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Charles and Pamela Wilson

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Alison Louise Silver

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Shared at Royal Signals Museum, Dorset on 19 August 2023.

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