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Book from Hamilton in an Italian POW camp

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:59 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

I found this clip in the Waikato Times our local paper from 26 May 1943. It identifies that my Uncle Glynn Coulthard Bynon Powell was in a prison camp in Italy, not in Germany as we all thought.

"Hamilton Book In Italy: Writing to his parents, Mr and Mrs P. P. Bynon Powell, from a prisoner of war camp in Italy, Private Glyn C. Bynon Powell mentions that recently on being lent a book by a fellow prisoner he found to his surprise the following address written on the back page, 'Leigh P. Halle, 31 Oxford Street, Claudelands.' The book, entitled 'Lady of the Night,' had apparently been handed to the Red Cross and in due course found its way into the hands of appreciative soldier readers in Italy."

Glyn's parents were Percival Pugh and Edith, from Radnor, 38 Wellington Street, Hamilton. 'Lady of the Night' could be the book written by Sydney Horler (Hodder and Stoughton 1929).

Other articles in this clip:
Hamiltonian's Narrow Escape: Word has been received that Mr Keith Priscott, of the Merchant Navy, was to have sailed on the hospital ship Centaur, which was sunk off the coast of Australia recently by a Japanese submarine. Fortunately, however, he was posted to another ship.

Delays to Limited: Sundry delays due to heavy traffic on the line resulted in the limited express from Wellington being an hour and ten minutes behind schedule when it reached Frankton this morning. The relief express which preceded the limited was also running late.

Hamiltonians Over the Air: Amongst the New Zealand airmen heard over the air from New York this week was Sergeant Navigator J. Nicholls, formerly of Hamilton. In a broadcast from Auckland on another night Miss Rosalie Seddon was associated with an American serviceman in 'Poet's Corner,' selections of English and American poems being given.


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Glyn Coulthard Bynon Powell

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Wayne Michael Powell

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Glynn was my uncle

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