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Battle of Tobruk

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posted on 2024-06-05, 20:02 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Peter Wagle joined the army in 1939. Served for 6 years, 20 days until 3 February 1946. Active service, royal artillery. Then sent to Libya - desert rats, served in Battle of Tobruk 1942, attacked by German tanks and artillery - Peter was the only survivor out of 6-8 men.

Shrapnel wounds over all body, lost one of his eyes. Lots of shrapnel retained by his body for rest of his life.

Prior to Tobruk, shipped to South Africa. Captured by Germans in Tobruk after injured - taken to Tobruk POW camp - treated for his injuries - given glass eye by Germans - kept alive. Then moved by Germans to Red Cross ship. Military hospital in Naples then to Northern Italy to Bergamo, another hospital. Still being cared for by Germans and Italians. Then moved to a POW camp in Carpi in Italy PG73 (ref number) and then sent back to England on Red Cross ship on 14 April 1943. Repatriated. On recovery, sent to anti-aircraft guns in London - doodlebugs, heavy bombing. Stayed in London.


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1. Glass eyes 2. 2 boxes of glass eyes 3. Medals in white zipped bag 4. Photographs 5. Catholic prayer book 6. Medal - land army 7. Documentation - land army

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Peter Wagle

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Darlene Ann Wood

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