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Alfred Holmes's Photo Album

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posted on 2024-06-05, 16:39 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Album of Alfred Holmes, known as "Sherlock", served in the London Scottish Regiment as a Lieutenant. Served in Africa with Monty, and in Italy. Was too old to serve, born in 1901, but went and signed up anyway, saying "No man is going to fight for the freedom of my family but me."

Three different clothing pins associated with the London Scottish Regiment. The contributor remembers the socks the pins were attached to were used as stockings at Christmas. Grandfather would often tell stories of having to shake scorpions out of boots while stationed in Africa. Contains two newsletters from the London Scottish Regiment post-war. Grandfather would go to yearly dinners with other regiment members.

Blue dish brought back by Alfred Holmes from Italy in 1944. Found it amongst the rubble of a bombed cottage. Remarkably undamaged, brought back as a memento.

First aid book received 4 July 1936. Taught First Aid and how to treat gas casualties.

Another item is a field dressing issued by the army in April 1941. Unused. Vernon and Co. Ltd, Preston.


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1. Alfred Holmes's photos 2. London Scottish Regiment objects 3. Blue dish from Italy 4. Field Dressing 5. First Aid Book

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Alfred Holmes

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Carol Jones

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He was their grandfather

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Shared at RGS Worcester Perrins Hall, Worcestershire on 16 June 2023.

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