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Alexander Nigel Morrison's war

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posted on 2024-06-05, 16:39 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Contributor brought in memories as involved in Tudor House after sharing evacuee status in Worcester. Started talks at school, September 1939 at school age 8-14 involved in war talks. Left school before 15 (1945). Faced discipline at school - talks about it in 'Tudor House'. Thought it best to put ideas/thoughts in book form. Includes family/self effects of the war and what it was like to live as an evacuee.

Grandfather started garage business. Interviewee born in Hereford. During 1930s depression, living in Brixton, London.

Evacuee in Devon. Not shocked as kid, "children just tolerate. Parents have all the worries." Stayed with Mr and Mrs Sheldon, who had dogs and budgies. Said it was like being at home; no different. Had another boy, John, with him but did not stay as long as did not settle.

Remembers tea - three slices of bread/butter. War was total chaos, desperate to take children as weren't wanted. Interviewee was evacuated in March 1940 - evacuation documents are official documents. Memories of sea view and train - adventure. Met many characters on the train. Played games on the train to pass time. Had to eat sandwiches straight away.

The shrapnel was found on a street in South Croydon (Featherbed Lane?). The contributor enjoyed decorating the room with souvenirs/hunting around. Aeroplane crash, he went straight over to investigate. Came about as in Croydon, aged 12. Found shrapnel after bomb/barn burning, rode over to investigate.

He found a machine gun - pulled out of ground. Still had all markings and brand new. Unexploded. Debate on whether to keep it or hand it in. Bedroom smelt of sulphur, mother left it to Alexander to keep it clean.

He passes item around in Tudor House. Also had a lighter that belonged to father made of bronze, and compass from father when in Scouts. Has carving on floor.

The road map is from the Daily Mail. It shows the well-known docks/how goods came in at Thames. Contributor explained what London looked like back then. Heavy, manual work. No M1 or M25. People moved to new housing area south of Croydon.


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