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Ada and Rowland Hunter's World War II Journey

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posted on 2024-06-05, 17:50 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

The contributor brought in items that relate to her mother's first cousin, Ada Hunter (1924-[2022?]), and her husband whom she married in 1948, Rowland Hunter (1923-2017). She discovered them in their house whilst she was acting as executor.

An insight into Ada's experience of World War II was given by a number of magazines found in their house at Bamber Bridge. Ada was a keen knitter of scarves, gloves and mitts and one of the items the contributor brought in was an edition of 'Stitchcraft' magazine dating from 1939. Specifically, the contributor shared an article titled 'Knit for the Troops' with suggestions of what to make and instructions and patterns.

The other items brought in by the contributor relate to Rowland Hunter. These were discovered in a shoebox labelled 'Army Memories' stored at the back of a wardrobe. Rowland was born in Leyland in 1923, served in the Dorsets Army Reserve (5682326) and the Somerset Light Infantry, and was stationed in Burma and Japan. There were a large number of items in the box which have all been photographed, and these include his medals - the 1939-1945 Star and the Burma Star, his record of service and pay book. One of the highlights were photographs of Hiroshima in the aftermath of the Atomic Bomb being dropped which he may have photographed himself.


Item list and details

1. A Hunter Stitchcraft Magazine 1939 2. Photos of Hiroshima 3. Photograph of R Hunter 4. Photographs of R Hunter After War Service 5. Photographs of R Hunter and Comrades 6. R Hunter Badge 7. R Hunter BRINDJAP Book 8. R Hunter Guard Mounting Procedure 9. R Hunter Japanese Phrase Book 10. R Hunter Medals 11. R Hunter Record of Service and Badges 12. R Hunter Soldier's Release Book 13. R Hunter Soldier's Service and Pay Book 14. R Hunter thanks you for services to division 15. R Hunter What to Do on Leaving Service 16. R Hunter at Desk

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Ada Hunter (1924 -[2022?]) Rowland Hunter (1923-2017)

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Ada was contributor's mother's first cousin.

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Shared at The Harris Library, Preston on 22 July 2023. The event was organised by Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

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