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7552: John Emanuel Beveridge, Gordon Highlanders and Labour Corps

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John Emanuel (Jack) Beveridge was my husband's grandfather. He was born in 1886 and married Ethel Innes Pirie in 1910. He served in the Territorial Force from the date of his attestation, 20/04/1908, until 04/08/1914. From 05/08/1914 he was in the Gordon Highlanders until 22/06/1917 and then from 23/06/1917 to 24/11/1917 in the Labour Corps. He was on foreign service with the British Expeditional Force from 09/09/1914. On 16/05/1915 he was in the 4th Stationary Hospital with Gastritis. He was wounded in action at Mametz Wood, France, on 05/08/1916 with a gunshot wound in the abdomen. He was laid out in the open for two days before going to the Casualty Clearing Station where he was operated on. From there he went via Rouen to Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow and then the Convalescent Home, Johnstone. I have a card, dated, 12/09/1916, from his wife Ethel, addressed to him at Stobhill Hospital. I have a Lord Roberts of Kandahar Medallion that belonged to Jack. This indicates that he was a member of one of the miniature rifle clubs that Lord Roberts set up. I have a Pensions Appeal Tribunal (Assessment) for John Emanuel Beveridge dated 04/02/1924. This gives some details of what happened to him.

I have a Certificate of discharge from the Territorial Army for Sergeant Jack Beveridge. He had enlisted at Bucksburn on 15 February 1921. He was discharged on 14 February 1936 on the termination of engagement.


Name of contributor(s)

Sheena Bleakley

Subject of the story/individual the object(s) relate to

John Emanuel (Jack) Beveridge. Cpl., 1/6th Gordon Highlanders. Labour Corps.

Date(s) the event(s) in the story took place

05/08/1914. 16/05/1915. 05/08/1916. 24/11/1917.

Location(s) where the event(s) in the story took place

Mametz Wood, France. Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland.


1. Medals awarded to John Emanuel Beveridge:1914-15 Cross, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Territorial Efficiency Medal, Efficiency Medal. 2 images. 2. New Testament (Active Service 1916) presented to J E Beveridge by the Chaplain at Stobhill, Glasgow: label stuck in front. 1 image. 3. Two Gordon Highlander cap badges (one other ranks, one officers) and Lord Roberts of Kandahar Medallion. 1 image. 4. Badge with a globe with southern continents above a laurel wreath, medallion presented by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs and two charms. 2 images. 5. Princess Mary Tin which contained a Christmas present for those serving in 1914. 1 image. 6. Map of Flanders and North France. 2 images. 7. Notes for soldiers including how to navigate by day and by night with a 1915 calendar. 2 images. 8. Pensions Appeal Tribunal (Assessment) for John Emanuel Beveridge dated 04/02/1924. 5 images. 9. Certificate of discharge from the Territorial Army for Sergeant Jack Beveridge 14th February 1936. 1 image. 10. Postcard: poem "The 6th Gordons"� and photograph. Dated on back 12 Sept 1915. 1 image. 11. Postcard; "THE GUARD. 5TH BATTN. GORDON HIGHLANDERS. MONTROSE 1923"�. 12. Card dated 12 September 1916 sent to Jack Beveridge at Stobhill Hospital by his wife Ethel. 2 images. 13. Photograph of Jack Beveridge in uniform. 1 image. 14. various photographs. 6 images.

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