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Frank Miller Bingham, MRCS, LRCP Born 17th September 1874, at Alfreton, the second son of Dr. Joseph Bingham, of Alfreton, Derbyshire. Educated at St. Peter's School, York, and St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School. Having qualified, he took charge for about four years of a large practice in Blackwell, Alfreton, Derbyshire, associated with the Blackwell Collieries, which had been, since the collieries were sunk, under the control of his father. Subsequently he lived at Brook House, Caton, near Lancaster, and was for five years in partnership with Dr. Scott at Hornby. From 1911 he was in partnership in Queen's Square, Lancaster, with Dr G. R. Parker and Dr C. W. Dean, as Parker, Dean and Bingham, living at Lindon Cottage (he was in practice at Caton and Lancaster for ten years). A good all-round sportsman, he played cricket for Derbyshire and rugby for Blackheath and Middlesex. An enthusiastic territorial, he preferred to serve as a combatant than as a military doctor: Lieutenant, 5th King's Own (Royal Lancashire Regiment) Territorial Battalion, November 1910; Captain, 1914; Company Commander, May 1914; acting second in command of his battalion, 1915. After the severe fighting around Ypres in Flanders in the first two weeks of May (Second Battle of Ypres), he received three days home leave and, on the day after his return to the front, was killed in action 22nd May 1915. He had been reconnoitring some new trenches that his battalion was to occupy the following day, and as he and other officers were leaving, before daybreak, they came across a man half buried by the side of a trench which had been blown in. He insisted on stopping to dig the man out himself, which took some time, and it was daylight before all had begun to leave the trenches. The party was seen by the Germans, and he received a bullet through the heart which killed him instantaneously. He was buried on the edge of a wood at the front, but his grave was subsequently lost in the fighting, and he is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. A bronze tablet was erected in his memory by the medical profession of Lancaster and district on the outer wall of the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, unveiled 2nd December 1915 by Dr G. R. Parker, senior member of the medical profession in Lancaster.

Editor's Comment:
Newspaper obituaries and notices of the unveiling of the memorial plaque:

Lancaster Guardian, 29th May 1915 Morning Post 26th May 1915 Daily Telegraph 26th May 1915 Standard 26th May 1915 Daily Mirror 26th May 1915 Sportsman 26th May 1915 Daily Express 26th May 1915 Sporting Chronicle 26th May 1915 Irish Times 26th May 1915 Scotsman 26th May 1915 Dundee Advertiser 26th May 1915 Liverpool Courier 26th May 1915 Manchester Guardian 26th May 1915 Yorkshire Post 26th May 1915 Liverpool Post 26th May 1915 Yorkshire Herald 26th May 1915 Glasgow Evening Times 26th May 1915 Northern Whig 27th May 1915 Nottingham Guardian 27th May 1915 Ripley Advertiser 27th May 1915 Lancaster Observer 28th May 1915 Alfreton Journal 28th May 1915 Derbyshire Times 29th May 1915 Winning Post 29th May 1915 Lancaster Guardian 29th May 1915 Manchester Dispatch 31st May 1915 The Times 31st May 1915 Sheffield Telegraph 31st May 1915 Daily Telegraph 1st June 1915 Daily Telegraph 31st May 1915 Yorkshire Observer 1st June 1915 Sportsman 2nd June 1915 Sporting Chronicle 2nd June 1915 Star 2nd June 1915 Birmingham Post 3rd June 1915 Medical World 3rd June 1915 Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 5th June 1915 Ripley News 4th June 1915 Lancaster Observer 4th June 1915 Field 5th June 1915 Peterite June 1915 British Medical Journal 12th June 1915 Territorial Service Gazette 5th June 1915 Lancaster Observer 28th May 1915 Lancaster Daily Post 3rd December 1915 British Medical Journal 19th December 1915 Lancaster Observer 3rd December 1915 Lancaster Daily Post 3rd December 1915 Lancaster Guardian 4th December 1915 Daily Mail December 1915 Lancaster Observer 10th December 1915



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Bingham, Frank Miller


26th May - 19th December 1915

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