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3851: John Walker and his brothers, Lawson and William

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John Walker was the contributor's grandfather. During the First World War John stayed at home running his farm at Knightwick Manor in Worcestershire, and looking after his brothers' struggling tenancy farms (hops, fruit, cattle, sheep, cider apples). John was also a special constable (Worcs) during the First World War and after, serving in the specials in the Second World War as well.

John's younger brothers William and Lawson wrote to him throughout the war. Their letters talk about their conditions in camp in England, including the lack of saddles, their mounts, spies near their camp and sentries shooting towards suspects and near misses. The letters also include little details about the farms back home, such as payments made and warnings about the steam threshing engine (which "will run away").

John's brothers were William Walker, Worcestershire Yeomanry, No 2460?, and Lawson Walker, A Squadron, 2 Troop, Worcestershire Yeomanry, No 2461.

John's son Henry (born 24 December 1913) is mentioned in one of William's letters. There's a locked tin box for Henry, and Gerald (a cousin?) has the key.


Name of contributor(s)

Peter Walker

Subject of the story/individual the object(s) relate to

John Walker, the contributor's grandfather

Date(s) the event(s) in the story took place


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Knightwick Manor in Worcestershire, England. Letters from various places in England.


Six letters to John Walker (grandfather Knightwick Manor, Worcs) Three letters from Lawson, three from William. Photographs: Lawson Walker in uniform; William Walker in uniform; William Walker with fellow troops (second from the right); extracts from Berrow's Worcester Journal. The Worcestershire Regiment in the Great War Word document.

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St Helen's Church, Worcester (15/03/19)

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