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35 Little London, Chichester, sometime during the 1940s

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:46 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

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Whilst shopping, Mum stood and witnessed a dogfight between a Spitfire and a German Bomber. The Bomber was trailing smoke and loosing height and Mum realised the direction it was heading. She rushed home and my sister, Joan, and I were playing in the front room. The lounge door crashed open and Mum pushed both of us under the table. "Close your eyes" she said and with that a very large bang deafened us. My eyes were still open and I saw what seemed that, in slow motion, the whole front wall and casement window fall into the road. For some minutes, we experienced silence, not realising that the bang had deafened us. Then gradually our hearing came back and there was shouting and screaming and things were still collapsing. We stepped or stumbled into the passage. It was full of bricks and rubble. Mum and Joan went first and I followed. "Look" I shouted, touching the ceiling and we went into a strange unfamiliar light. The extra light came from the direction opposite and the end terrace house had been flattened.

The following morning, what joy, which lasted only minutes. Our Tower Street Infants School was missing. A bomb had caught it. Then gloom, we were all soon collected and taken to a make-shift school!

The German Bomber was brought to Priory Park and some lads and I climbed on board and fought the Germans with their own bombs. Health and Safety wasn't part of those interesting times.

That was eighty plus years ago but is still very fresh in my mind.

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Mrs Saxon and Joan

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Shared at West Meads Community Hall, West Sussex on 11 November 2023. The event was organised by Bognor Regis u3a.

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