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3278: The Pearce Family

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Comparatively rarely for the time, Joseph (Joe) Pearce was able to drive and joined up as a driver. Was assigned as an ambulance driver, part of a motor ambulance convoy transferring the wounded from France to hospitals in Kent. Towards the end of the war his wife wrote to the war office requesting his early release as he was needed at home on the farm. Captain Stewart-Liberty, the local landowner, (see separate entry) declared "that letter won't do it!" and wrote personally himself. Joe was soon home.

His brother Samuel David Pearce (Dave) also saw action in the war. Was wounded in the wrist, apparently the bullet came out at his elbow. He was also gassed and received the military medal. Joe's son Philip recalls seeing a military aircraft land at Hampden's Piece, a large field by White Lion Hill in The Lee, towards the end of the war. A large crowd gathered including the police. Philip followed the pilot who was accompanied by a police escort before he was told to "clear off!"


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Trevor Pearce

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Mainly about Joseph Pearce but also his brother Dave and son Philip. Grandfather, great uncle and father respectively of Trevor Pearce.

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Between the front and hospitals in Kent.


343 two letters home from France. 344 Postcard from Alcombe, nr. Minehead, Somerset. Training. 345 Letter from England 1917. 346 Miscellaneous postcards from France, possibly for propaganda purposes showing the devastation wrought by the German army during its retreat. 347 Miscellaneous postcards of French towns and scenery possibly sent by Joe on his travels from the front to England as part of the ambulance convoy. 348 Polling card "Khaki Election"� of 1918. 349 Postcard of the Prince of Wales. 350 Photo of Joseph (Joe) Pearce. 351 Photo of Harry Pearce (another brother). 352 Two photos of Samuel David (Dave) Pearce.

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The Lee, Buckinghamshire (23/02/19)

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