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32570: All work and no play

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posted on 2023-12-08, 22:17 authored by Lockdown2020 and Beyond Project

Despite lockdowns, general stay-at-home orders and the inability to leave Oxford or visit friends an family, I have learnt a lot about adapting to the situation and keeping calm over the past year. I have encountered obstacles in getting access to the lab, which is so key for work. Since labs re-opened in May 2020, I have managed to maintain a routine of lab work, data analysis, preparing and presenting at meetings, findings new networks in the virtual sphere and explored new methods and techniques for my research. I have cleared hurdles from all directions and felt confused when the university undergraduates started their lab placements (in-person) despite government-implemented restrictions on all other facets of life. I stepped up my volunteering duties across Oxford, feeling guilty for not being close and on-hand for my parents up north, to help those who might feel isolated or alone in Oxford. I have stuck to the rules. I have grown a whole new outlook and way of life that will stay with me long after this year.


New normal

Waking up before dawn and running to work. Getting lab experiments done. Attending webinars and meetings on Teams or Zoom in the open office space with building work going on for Phase II. Running to volunteer with Goodgym Oxford in the evenings.

Greatest surprise or change

Not being able to have a real break or leave Oxford for over a year, while maintaining work and volunteering duties. 2020 was the first year I have not seen my parents or sister.

Message for the future

Remind yourself regularly what is truly important to you and those close around you.

About the picture(s)

Volunteering for the vaccine trials and then the rollout, shopping and delivering prescriptions for isolated individuals has taken up a large portion of the year while still being able to sustain a constant level of lab work as part of my research. I will never forget turning 30 at the end of Movember and so very thankful for having a cat around the house!







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