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32566: Finding Ways to Cope in Lockdown

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posted on 2023-12-08, 22:16 authored by Lockdown2020 and Beyond Project

On the anniversary of the first lockdown, I've been reflecting on how my life has been affected by the pandemic. From the start I've been very fortunate that I've been able to work effectively from home. One major effect of lockdown is the use of such programmes as Teams and Zoom. I've never really heard or use both of them before. The most annoying aspect of these video calling programmes is that the internet signal always seems to cut off at the worse moment, leaving your colleagues with an image of you making a funny face.

The isolation is also taking its toll, especially when you have family across the other side of the country. Although video calling and the postal service (for sending presents) does help somewhat. One positive effect on the way I work due to lockdown is that I find more time to explore hobbies such as gardening, and arts and crafts with the time that I save from not commuting into Oxford. With this extra time, I've also managed to create a website and a blog to help convey my passion for plants to the public, and to help them to nurture their interest in all things botanical.

I've learnt some new skills as well such as macrame particularly, making hanging planters, knitting and making botanical soaps. I've also found that I've become more house proud, finding small tasks to break up the day such as cleaning the windows and knitting a blanket for the sofa. During lockdown I've found myself focusing on my close family and friends, where I seem to talk more often to them using less time.

I hope in the future that I can refine my work-life balance and set aside more time to explore my interests. After lockdown I think I'll be a lot more social.


New normal

Exploring new interests and finding enjoy in the small things in life.

Greatest surprise or change

How used you become to such restrictions to your life, and how forming routines seems to speed the day up.




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