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32193: A Lockdown Routine

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posted on 2023-12-08, 20:40 authored by Lockdown2020 and Beyond Project

I've tried to stay in an organised routine during lockdown, just to give the day some structure. Its so easy to fall into a kind of aimless daydream, where days just pass you by and you get nothing done, and some organisation really helps to counter that. This has been easier since Trinity started, with various deadlines forcing me to get my act together. I like to get up early, starting the day with a green tea, followed by some exercise, which makes me feel good and motivates me for the rest of my day. After a bit of meditation, I'll start some work. I'm lucky enough to have a nice quiet space to work. Its just me and my mum, who is also working from home, in the house. Work hasn't been too bad; expanded online access to materials has been really helpful, and virtual tutorials are quite close to the real thing, although the interpersonal nature can't be fully recreated over webcam. Weak internet has caused some problems (I live in a very rural area) but it has not seriously disrupted my studies. After a few hours I'll get something to eat before getting back to work, usually until dinner. I never work after dinner, in lockdown or in college, because I think its crucial to set aside some time to just relax. I've been honing my culinary skills (who hasn't) by baking with my mum, who is an absolute master-baker. It's a really fun way to spend time together and has been a highlight of lockdown. I've also been watching Netflix, playing video games, and continuing to learn a language. Amongst this I also find time to mourn the Trinity we've lost. I was really looking forward to spending more time with my friends this term, and I was going to be involved in my first ever musical. It's a true tragedy for all of us, and we are all allowed to be upset. Before bed I'll do some yoga (another new lockdown pursuit) and then do half an hour of reading, just to relax my mind. Then its bed and ready for tomorrow.





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