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31969: Acts of Random Kindness

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posted on 2023-12-08, 16:16 authored by Lockdown2020 and Beyond Project

Whilst walking the dog I meet a couple, dressed as bacon and eggs (with tomato hats) delivering breakfast to their friend for her birthday. It makes me realise how many of these little acts of random kindness I've witnessed or heard about since the lockdown; the neighbour who leaves runner bean and sugar snap plants on my doorstep; the trout fisherman sharing their catch, blueberry and mint teabags from a friend who "saw these and thought of you". My sister-in-law's mum making instructional videos to go with packs of craft items she posts to all her grandchildren.

A vast amount of charity-giving is happening, both in time and effort, but these random acts cheer-up anyone's day. We discuss on the Knitters United Teams call how we're going to the post office more often to send off crocheted bees and bags. I try to pay it forward by supporting small businesses, finding a local bakery to send croissants and bread to my other sister-in-law and niece who moved to a new town just before lockdown and vegan chocolate peanut butter to my eldest niece's houseshare. I add treats for the carer's staff room to mum's shopping delivery and get Rington's tea and books delivered to my aunt. Meanwhile people share recipes and sewing patterns and chair yoga classes and DJ sets.

Back on my street, there's a shout going out every Thursday night "I have space in my green/blue/brown bin" and I, having overdone the garden clearing, gratefully accept their gift of emptiness.


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A couple dressed as bacon and eggs, delivering breakfast for a friend's birthday Runner bean and sugar snap plants left on my doorstep by a neighbour I don't know by sight. The joys of a Whatsapp group A flyer for the tenth Queer House Party on Friday 22nd May, hosted my my eldest niece's houseshare. One of the DJs is a carer by day.







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