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31891: Day 51 "working from home"

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posted on 2023-12-08, 15:28 authored by Lockdown2020 and Beyond Project

A typical day starts with a tea or coffee and then I go for a run using the couch to 5K app. After a shower and a change of clothes and a bowl of cereal I then start up my computer and work from home. I keep a calendar next to my monitor so that I know what day it is and know if its the weekend or not. I work remotely, sort through emails and attend meetings in "Teams" and carry on as if I am in my office. I try to break for lunch and sit outside in the sunshine. I try to work until 5pm, shut my work computer down and then use my own device to get involved in the Great British Home Chorus for 30minutes. My evening then involves a combination of attending "Zoom" meetings for various music groups and choirs I attended before we all went online, and watching TV, I tend to watch alot of BBC and Channel 4 programs and am really getting into all of the art and craft stuff thats on. If I have some energy left I will try and practice my violin and flute for half and hour or so before watching more TV and then going to bed. Weekends I tend to do alot of cleaning and lounging around.


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The photos were all taken today on day 51 which is 6 May 2020, you would never guess I don't like clutter with my kitchen living room, living room and office now merging into one. The first items I bought when I was forced to work from home (I have never worked from home before) were a fluorescent running hat and a pair of lined slipper socks, I wear the slipper socks every day becasue they are really comfy, the hat was to encourage me to run to get exercise. I was literally taxied home with my monitor a laptop and a docking station, good job I had a table to put them on and managed to get the wires in the right place as there was no IT help with this. I have not been able to get a supermarket delivery slot in the entire last 51 days however I managed to get some pink tonic water which sits in my fridge. My sofa was the first item of furniture I bought when I moved into my flat 10 years ago and is good for watching TV, reading books and generally lounging around.






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