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posted on 2023-12-08, 14:18 authored by Lockdown2020 and Beyond Project

With exercise limited to an hour near to home, once a day, and two dogs to walk separately, we've been looking for other ways to keep our fitness levels up. We haven't yet succumbed to the 9am Joe Wicks workout that the nation's schoolchildren have taken to en masse. instead I roll out my yoga mat every day at 5pm and do my practice listening to the Government's briefing. i'd like to think it keeps me positive through the bad news, whilst also ironing out those knots in my shoulders from hunching over my laptop all day. I've dug out my hula-hoop, but am yet to manage 30 seconds, but still better at this than skipping. Meanwhile my other half, a keen cyclist, has a turbo trainer set-up in the garage, where he can be found at 6.30am (in full gear) Zwifting around virtual Yorkshire or following the GCN live workouts. I tried running around our garden, but gave up for fear of an injury, so now tack a short run on after a dog walk (and worry whether this is breaking the rules). On Sundays we allow ourselves the luxury of being able to exercise together and head out for a cycle. The roads are empty of cars, but full of cyclists, alone, in pairs and in families. Club members who can't meet in person set one another challenges; I complete a virtual duathlon (over three days), a notparkrun and attempt to draw rainbows on Strava.


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I didn't realise how important taking exercise as often as I wanted, or with others, was to me until i couldn't.

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My bike under the Pirbright village sign. We didn't linger long for fear of upsetting the villagers




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