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1533: Adam Quay (newspaper cuttings)

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posted on 2024-01-15, 09:04 authored by Lest We Forget Project Team

John and Christina Quay lived in Winnipeg, after emigrating from Scotland. Their three sons, Adam, John and Robert, who had all been born in Glasgow, joined the forces in Canada fairly early in the war and came to Europe.

Adam Martin Quay worked at Winnipeg General Hospital before enlisting, then joined the Medical Corps as a stretcher bearer. He was injured by shrapnel in the arm, then brought back to the UK - possibly to Folkestone for treatment. He was treated there and met his future wife, Alice Annie Andrews. Doctors advised that they may have to amputate his arm, but after being told that he could have some limited grip in his hand, he opted to keep the limb.

He went back to Canada with his new wife, to Winnipeg, where he had 5 children. Eventually they returned to the UK in the mid 1930s, initially to Folkestone. When the Second World War started, he moved the family to Camberley, Surrey, as Folkestone was vulnerable. He lived a full working life, even with his damaged arm - he worked in the kitchens at Sandhurst Military Academy. He also played the accordion, and played bowls.

Adam was of course a Canadian veteran, and they had a very strong support network. His granddaughter, Jeanette, remembers going to big "Canadian picnics," which had a strong Scottish connection where highland games were played, and bagpipes.


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Jeanette Quay

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Adam Quay

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Shorecliffe, Winnipeg


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