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12007: Llandovery to Catterick Camp Military Hospital: from schoolgirl to VAD

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posted on 2024-01-12, 09:29 authored by Lest We Forget Project Team

Batchie (Bessie) Griffiths from Llandovery served as a VAD General Services clerk at Catterick Camp Military Hospital from February 1918 to February 1919. She left two autograph books from this time. The album reproduced here was started on 24 November 1915, her 16th birthday. Autographs between this date and February 1918 were written not only by friends and family, but also by patients at the Red Cross hospital in Llandovery. Autographs after February 1918 were mostly at Catterick, though some were post-war.

Autographs include: At Llandovery Red Cross hospital: Charles F. Allen (2nd Batt. OBLI), L/Cpl Freeborn (MGC), Wm. Gilchrist (RFA), Pte. F. Humphries (5th Royal Irish Regt., wounded at the Dardanelles, 7 Sep. 1915), Pte. A. C. Balkwill (Australian Force, wounded at Lone Pine, 6 Aug. 1915), A. Barrett (Royal Engineers), C. (?) Parker/Parkes, A. B. (17th Middlesex Footballers Batt.); Catterick or Llandovery: G. B. (1st Batt. Suff. Regt.), Sgt. A. G. Barrett MM (RAMC); At Catterick: L/Cpl Cowper (RAMC), Pte Murray, E. Potts (S. Sgt, RAMC), Cadet J. Crozier, Gunner Paterson (HAC), Mickie (Mil. P?), John S. Mutch (23rd Officer Cadet Battalion), Cpl. W. Peterkin (RAMC), Geo. H. Shepherd (Lt., RA), Maude [Hoare?] (VAD), J. S. Hopewell (?), Peggy (VAD), Sgt J. Johnston (RAMC), Bessie W., Bobbie (VAD?), Phyllis [Jenkins] (VAD), Tommy Wardle (RAMC), F. S. Dickinson, Bobbie O'Donnell (VAD?), Pte F. W. Whitworth, A. Cecil Storey. The album contains a few sketches, including one entitled "Released German barber, who has been interned for duration of war, waiting for his first English customer".


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Alathea Anderssohn

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Batchie (Bessie) Griffiths, friends and relations, patients, VADs, RAMC personnel and members of the Officer Cadet Battalion training at Catterick

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Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, and Catterick Camp Military Hospital


Autograph book: cover and inside pages, total: 69 images. Several of the pages are blank and these have not been included.

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