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Dusner Speakers

posted on 2022-03-17, 14:19 authored by Suriel Mofu, Mary DalrympleMary Dalrymple
Dusner Speakers

Emma Somesa (Dusner Village)
Aged 85 and the oldest speaker of Dusner. Emma speaks Dusner and Wandamen fluently, and also speaks Indonesian. The project team communicate with her through interpreters who speak Indonesian and Wandamen.

Enos Yoweni (Sowiar Village, Simei)
Aged 60, Enos comes from Dusner and speaks 4 languages fluently: Kuri, Dusner, Wandamen and Indonesian. He is the head of Sowiar Village (a 3 hour walk from Dusner Village). There is no land transportation to his village.

Anna Imburi (Yogyakarta, Central Java)
Aged 60, Anna comes from Dusner Village and speaks 3 languages fluently: Dusner, Wandamen and Indonesian. She is Emma Somesa's niece.