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posted on 2023-02-08, 17:20 authored by Science Gossip
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Recreative Science






Page 148


Coordinates: [298, 713, 0, 0, 0, 0], Details: "common"=>["", "Oolina, D'Orbigny", "Dentalina elegans", "Shells", "Nodosaria rugosa", "Nodosaria hispida", "Frondicularia annularis", "Flabellina rugosa", "Nodosaria spinicosta", "Cristellaria lanceolata", "Nodosaria bacillum", "Cristellaria Nautiloid"], "scientific"=>["Lagena clavata", "Dentalina elegans", "Nodosaria rugosa", "Lagena (Oolina, D'Orbigny) clavata. Genus, Nodosarina", "Dentalina elegans, D'Orb", "Nodosarina rugosa, D'Orb", "Lygena clavata", "Foraminifera", "Nodosaria hispida", "N. hispida, D'Orb", "N. hispida", "Foraminifer", "Frondicularia annularis", "Frondicularia annularis, D'Orb. (Chevron-style)", "Flabellina rugosa", "Flabellina rugosa, D'Orb (Spiral and chevron)", "Hyaline-shelled Foraminifera", "Nodosaria spinicosta", "N. spinicosta, D'Orb", "N. spinicosta", "Cristellaria lanceolata, D'Orb", "Cristellaria lanceolata", "Nodosaria bacillum", "N. bacillum, D'Orb", "N. bacillum", "Cristellaria Josephina (Nautiloid)", "Cristellaria Josephina", "Cristellaria josephina"]; Coordinates: [757, 262, 0, 0, 0, 0], Details: "common"=>["", "blank", "Globigerina tubulosa, D'orb.", "Polymorphina complanata", "Shells", "Uvigerina pygmea", "Textularia mariae", "Textularia deperdita"], "scientific"=>["Polymorphina lactea", "Polymorphina complanata", "Polymorphina lactea, var. horrida (Globigerina tubulosa, D'Orb)", "Polymorphina complanata, D'Orb", "Foraminifer", "blank", "Polymorphina lactea var. horrida", "Polymorphea complanata", "Polymorphina lactea, var. horrida", "Foraminifera", "Uvigerina pygmea", "Uvigerina pygmea, D'Orb", "Uvigerima pygmea", "Uvigerina pygmea, D'Orb.", "Hyaline-shelled Foraminifera", "Textularia Mariae", "Textularia Mariae, D'Orb", "Texinlaria Mariae", "Textularia Mariae, D'Orb.", "Textularia mariae", "Textularia deperdita", "Textularia deperdita, D'Orb", "Textularia deperdita, D'Orb."]; Coordinates: [730, 1051, 0, 0, 0, 0], Details: "common"=>["", "Peneroplis austriaca", "Pavonina Triangularis", "Cyclolina cretacea", "Shells"], "scientific"=>["Peneroplis Austriaca", "Pavonina triangularis", "Peneroplis (Spirolina, D'Orb) Austriaca", "Pavonina (Cuneolina, D'Orb) triangularis", "Foraminifer", "Peneroplia", "Pavonina", "Opaque-shelled Foraminifera", "Peneroplis austriaca", "Pavonina Triangularis", "Cyclolina cretacea", "Cyclolina cretacea, D'Orb", "Foraminifera"]


Coordinates: [0, 0, 71, 559, 451, 544], Details: "keywords"=>["foraminifera", "microorganisms", "microscopy", "hyaline-shelled foraminifera", "shells", "nodosarina", "Hyaline-shelled", "D'Orbigny", "D'Orb", "Foraminifera", "geology", "nautilus", "microscopic water life", "microscopic shellfish", "polymorphina"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 532, 192, 441, 243], Details: "keywords"=>["foraminifera", "microorganisms", "microscopy", "hyaline-shelled foraminifera", "shells", "polymorphina", "Hyaline-shelled", "D'Orbigny", "D'Orb", "Foraminifera", "geology"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 533, 977, 434, 234], Details: "keywords"=>["foraminifera", "microorganisms", "microscopy", "opaque-shelled foraminifera", "shells", "opaque-shelled", "D'Orbigny", "D'Orb", "circular", "Foraminifera", "geology", "marine life"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 73, 560, 449, 344], Details: "keywords"=>["Hyaline-shelled Foraminifera", "Opaque-shelled Foraminifera", "Lagena clavata", "Nodosaria rugosa", "Nodosarina", "Dentalina elegans", "D'Orb", "N. hispida", "N. spinicosta", "N. Bacillum", "Frondicularia annularis", "Flabellina rugosa", "Cristellaria lanceolata", "Cristellaria Josephina", "Polymorphina", "Polymorphina lactea", "Globigerina tubulosa", "Polymorphina complanata", "Uvigerina pygmea", "Textularia Mariae", "Textularia deperdita", "Peneroplis Austriaca", "Pavonina Triangularis", "Cyclolina cretacea", "jelly-flesh animal", "Hyaline", "braid-like", "bead-like", "nautiloid", "marine life "]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 735, 196, 73, 137], Details: "keywords"=>["jelly-fish", "shell", "nautilus", "foraminifera"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 279, 568, 54, 168], Details: "keywords"=>["jelly-fish", "shell", "nautilus", "foraminifera"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 263, 758, 88, 137], Details: "keywords"=>["jelly-fish", "shell", "nautilus", "foraminifera"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 674, 982, 117, 141], Details: "keywords"=>["jelly-fish", "shell", "nautilus", "foraminifera"]



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