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Hardwicke Science Gossip, v. 23 (1887), Page 177, ASC000010e

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Hardwicke Science Gossip




v. 23 (1887)


Page 177


Coordinates: [467, 672, 0, 0, 0, 0], Details: "common"=>["", "Helix hortensis", "White lipped snail", "univalve", "mollusc", "Helix Carpenteriana", "blank", "Helix Bourcieri", "Helix erronea", "Clausilia rugosa", "Helix Bourcilerl", "Mouth of c. Biplicata", "Helix moricandi", "Helix conoidea", "C. biplicata", "Jaw of helix", "Milk snail", "Pisidium amnicum", "Greater European peaclam", "Helix lactea", "Pisidium Amnicum"], "scientific"=>["Helix hortensis var minor", "Helix hortensis", "", "Helix hortensis, var. minor", "Helix hortensis, var. minor.", "Helix hortenisis", "Helix Carpen", "Helix hortensis var. minor", "Helix Carpenteriana", "Helix carpenteriana", "Helix Bourcieri", "Helix erronea", "Helix carpentariana", "Helix eronnea", "Helix carpentaria", "blank", "Clusilia ruzara var gracilior", "Helix bourcieri. Quito", "Helix bourcierii", "Helix Erronea", "Helix bourcieri", "Helix bourcerei", "C. biplicata", "Clausius rugosa", "Clausilia rugosa, var. gracilior", "Clausilla Rugosa", "Clausilia rugosa", "Clausilia rugosa var. gracilior", "Helix moricandi", "Helix conoidea", "Clausilia biplicata", "C biplicata", "C Biplicata", "Helix moricandi philippines", "Helix canto idea mogador", "Helix Conoidea", "Helix cameden", "Pisidium amnicum", "Helix Morixandi", "Helix lactea", "Helix moricana", "Helix Lactea", "Pisidium annicum", "Psidium amnicum"]


Coordinates: [376, 679, 0, 0, 0, 0], Details: "text"=>["Fig. 89.-Helix hortensis, var. minor. Bickley, Kent.", "Fig. 89. - Helix hortensis, var. minor. Buckley, Kent.", "Fig. 92. - Helix Carpenteriana. Florida. (Enlarged)", "blank", "Fig. 93. - Helix erronea. South India.", "Fig.90.-Helix Bourcieri. Quito.", "Fig.93.-Helix erronea. South India.", "Fig. 90. - Helix Bourcieri. Quito", "Fig. 94. - Helix conoidea. Mogador.", "Fig. 97. - Mouth of C. biplicata, \"most. tridentatum.\" Near Hammersmith.", "Fig.94.-Helix conoidea. Mogador.", "Fig.97.-Mouth of C. biplicata, \"monst. tridentatum.\" Near Hammersmith."]; Coordinates: [748, 615, 0, 0, 0, 0], Details: "text"=>["Fig.91.-Helix moricandi Philippines.", "Fig. 91. - Helix moricandi. Phillipines.", "Fig. 95. - Jaw of Helix lacteal. Gibraltar.", "Fig.95.-Jaw of Helix lactea. Gibraltar."]


Coordinates: [0, 0, 35, 400, 852, 521], Details: "keywords"=>["shells", "mollusc", "development", "mollusk", "shell", "snails", "molluscs", "Mollusca", "mollusks", "univalves", "Chiselhurst", "Dartford", "variation", "abnormal development", "Mollusc"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 161, 557, 0, 0], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "Kent", "Florida"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 50, 436, 257, 160], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "shell", "snail", "helix hortensis", "bickley", "kent", "helix", "fossil", "mollusc", "Helix hortensis var. minor", "mollusca", "mouth", "jaw"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 357, 424, 201, 170], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "quito", "shell", "snail", "helix bourcieri", "fossil", "Hwelix Bourcieri quito", "mollusc", "Helix"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 606, 660, 131, 81], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "Mogador", "Gibralter", "Crawford fossil pit", "Helix", "shell", "jaw", "valve", "constriction", "mollusc", "gibraltar", "helix lactea", "milk snail", "snail", "fossil", "Helix lactea Gibraltar", "helix conoidea", "mogador", "Helix conoidea Mogador"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 267, 619, 166, 130], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "shell", "india", "helix", "snail", "south india", "fossil", "Helix erronea South India", "mollusc", "Helix"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 60, 699, 196, 138], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "florida", "shell", "snail", "helix", "Helix Carpenteriana Florida", "mollusc", "Helix", "clausilia rugosa", "battle", "sussex", "fossil", "Clausilia rugosa", "var.gracilior"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 595, 789, 276, 126], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "fossil", "psidium", "psidium amnicum", "crayford", "fossil pit", "Pisidium amnicum from Crayford fossil-pit", "mollusc", "shell"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 624, 408, 204, 187], Details: "keywords"=>["philippines", "shell", "snail", "helix moricandi", "fossil", "Helix moricandi Philippines", "mollusc", "Helix"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 408, 800, 33, 29], Details: "keywords"=>["Shell", "Hammersmith", "mouth"]; Coordinates: [0, 0, 318, 784, 267, 132], Details: "keywords"=>["mouth", "C. biplicata", "tridentatum", "fossil", "C.biplicata monst.tridentatum", "mollusc", "shell"]



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